Why does Vinyl Sound Better?

So obviously all of you know that this is pretty much not up for debate. Vinyl does sound better than MP3 ever could, and not just because of certain features or the amazing warm sound that vinyl is famous for, but overall in general this is pretty better than anything.

Introduction about the Vinyl Record

So basic facts first. Mostly, all of the music that you listen to is usually stored in such a format that the quality is degraded and the details can be lost easily. The reason behind this is that the audio needs to be compressed so that it becomes small enough to fit into a phone. So even if you may be listening to Spotify, the radio or the MP3 player, it still does not work that well.

Now talking about the Vinyl record, this has a groove carefully carved into it which actually mirrors the sounds waveform, so no information is lost. And thus the waveform from a vinyl record is much more accurate than others. You can definitely hear the richness in the sound through this. Since it is so powerful and rich, any dust particles can be heard as noise, so you need to be careful. Now that we have given a brief introduction, and a picture of what exactly the vinyl record does, we should delve a bit more deeply into this to understand why vinyl sounds better.

So Vinyl is the one and only customer playback format which is fully analog as well as lossless. It’s less technical to understand and the quality of it is pretty good. It is basically as good as hearing the music live, because nothing is lost while pressing a record.

Some great advantages

But the great part about Vinyl is that is increases the volume of the song, but does not ruin the quality of it. Nowadays, you can artificially engineer a track and make it louder than what it is, and in CDs and all, it causes quite a detrimental effect on the quality. Songs get pretty distorted and unpleasant to listen to, by taking off the fine texture from it. Vinyl on the other hand is totally opposite to this, and any kind of sound quality does not get ruined in this. In fact, it only makes it way better, louder and clearer.

Talking about the analog format, it allows the artist to transfer the music from the magnetic tape to the vinyl record and then to your speakers easily. A Vinyl disc would any day have more information in terms of music than the MP3 file. It is definitely a great improvement than listening to songs on Sound cloud, or even You Tube. The volume that vinyl gives out is usually dependent on the length of its sides as well as on the depth of the grooves.

The major and the basic advantage of what people like about Vinyl is that, the music that comes out of it is pretty close to what humans like to hear the music. In short, the originality of the music does not fade out, and nor does the warmth.

 A few drawbacks

There are of course a few drawbacks about the Vinyl recorder, which we would like to mention here. If the album is long, it means skinnier grooves, more noise and a bit quieter sound. This happens in the vinyl recorder. Also, Vinyl struggles a bit with the highs and lows.

The high pitched frequencies cause’s ugly distortions, and the deep bass between the left and the right channel knock around the needle, make it very disturbing. Also, crackles and pop sounds are heard pretty often, as well the whining sound of the needle against the LP.


So all in all, Vinyl is not exactly as accurate a representation of the music as a CD, because there is of course all sorts of noise added in the system. But the point is that even through this noise, the Vinyl has a unique experience attached to it. There is a greater excitement to hearing the noise of vinyl and the pops before the track starts.

The best thing about Vinyl is that you are likely to be more involved in listening to this, then a CD player or probably Spotify. But you need to invest in good speakers, or probably amplifiers which will make the output one of the best, and it is definitely better than listening to low grade MP3 players through tiny laptop speakers. So, in conclusion, you need to spend some money if you are keen to listen to some good music. Even though there may be certain drawbacks, it it still a way better and a safer bet, and yes it does sound better than its competitors.


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