Turntable ION Max LP Review – Benefits and Features


Welcome to the turntable ION Max LP review. Ion Max LP is an amazing and a great looking turntable, and the conversions that are created through this is of really high quality. It is also equipped with a software which easily walks you through the conversion process. As compared to its competitors, it has certain features like multiple playback speeds and built in speakers which are not usually found in any of the similar products.

With ION Max LP, transferring your 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM records to a Mac or PC is easy. Also, its Vinyl/Tape Converter gives you all the steps that you need to follow and not just that, but also it separates tracks into individual files too by itself. The best feature as mentioned are the built-in speakers. Not only are is the interior design beautiful, but also it has a perfectly matt wood finish which goes with all kind of décor. In case you want to listen privately, then there is a head phone output also built in.


The best thing about this is that the product has a very modern look to it, even though it may be a vintage product. The design is pretty slim, and takes up very little space, and thus it is very easy to carry it around, making it a handy product. If you are someone who may be looking for a low-price range turntable product, having amazing features, then this product is designed for you.

Even though you may not know about this product, or the benefits of it, but if you need to convert your vinyl records into digital audio files, then this is the most cost-effective way to do it.

Here we have listed down some benefits that you need to keep in mind once you think of purchasing this

  1. Amazing matt wood look
  2. Headphone jacks and RCA for portable use
  3. It can play all standard record speeds, used for recordings
  4. Software converts vinyl and cassettes to digital files for easy listening
  5. Vinyl records and digital files can also be played from a tablet or a smartphone


Features are the most important part of a product and these need to be carefully tended to do and deeply researched when looking at a product, as this may either make it or break it. Just going over the key features of this exceptional product –

  1. Turntable
  2. Built in speakers
  3. Converts records to digital file
  4. Connects to computer via USB
  5. Works with 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM records
  6. Headphones can be attached
  7. Protective dust cover
  8. 45 adapters
  9. Felt slip mat

Additional Features

A few additional features that we thought you need to know is that it has the capacity to handle recorded songs in three different playback speeds. It also has a record adapter of 45 RPM. A great feature which this has is the raise or the lower tone arm lever so that the needles can be placed easily in the perfect position, and there are no scratches in the process. There is a stop button which makes the tone arm come back to its resting position. Along with the benefits and features there are also some drawbacks which we are going to talk about in this turntable ION Max LP review.


One of the downfalls to using EZ Vinyl/Tape Converter is that there are no additional audio tools to help clean up your conversions after you record them. Also, there are certain programs, one having the name of Audacity which help you remove the unwanted noises. What it can provide though is the ability to adjust input volume before recording, but the lack of audio tools remains a major downfall for the ION Max Lp. Also, even though the internal speakers have a good price according to the market standards, but as compared to higher quality turntables, they are pretty inferior.

Now that we have mentioned all the benefits as well as the drawbacks, we’d just give you a crisp list of all the pros and cons of the ION Max LP.


  • This is pretty easy to operate
  • There is adequate protection of the records and the players
  • The sound quality is above average
  • It has a magnetic cartridge
  • Customer service provided for this is the best
  • It has a replaceable stylus
  • It has a balanced, clear and coherent listen


  • It has a lack of hand wired RCA
  • Also has a lack of short RCA cables
  • It needs more firmness in the sound
  • It lacks built in speakers as well as volume control
  • The needles bounce if there is any external vibration


The Ion Archive vinyl to digital converter comes bundled with EZ Vinyl/Tape Converter Software. What this software does is that it lets the first time users convert their LPs easily. This software lets first-time users convert their LPs with ease. The software has an in built feature which takes you through the conversion process, and tells you how to start the record. It tells you what may be the correct input volume, and prompts you to connect your turntable via the USB.

We converted one side of both of the 33s to assess auto-track detection within the EZ Vinyl/Tape Converter software. If you need to split the audio into separate files, then this feature does that, and also it can easily detect the silence between the songs. Also, you do not need to manually stop or restart your conversion in between any song, the software will do this for you.


ION Max Lp has an amazing customer support team and they will be willing to help you as and when contacted. All your questions will be addressed by their technician, and you will require no additional help. They can help you via call or by email.


The best alternatives to the ION Audio Max LP are the Audio Technica AT-LP60 and the Jensen JTA-230. We have reviews of those which you can check out.


Thus, you can see that the overall review of the new ION Max LP is more on the positive side and it has way more benefits and features than the drawbacks. Also, there is very little difference between other turntables of the same segment, and also the EZ Vinyl/Tape Converter software that comes with it is excellent. Not only does this have excellent features but also this one goes with any type of house and it makes it look really good. You get amazing and superior sound, and that too for a very reasonable cost.

Not only is this cost effective, but also the interface is really very simple to understand. Even if you do not have a lot of technical knowledge, the in-built system would totally help you out with everything, from how to put this on, to how one can convert all songs according to one’s whims and fancies. Also, this is a great gifting item for your family or friends and we would totally recommend giving one of these on your grand parents birthdays too. It’s like a one size fits all thing in this case.




  • Design
  • Features
  • Sound
  • Value

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