Turntable Guide: Choosing the right one

Whether you are a beginner in the world of turntables or want to change models, our site that wants to be a buying guide on turntables can help you. Indeed, we are real vinyl lovers and that’s why we have set up a guide that will allow you to quickly know which turntable to buy according to your needs but also your budget.

The General Problems of a Turntable

Before choosing your turntable it is important to consider certain parameters in order to be sure to make the right choice and this is what we offer you through this guide specifically dedicated to record players turntable. Overall, be aware that depending on your use of your needs, all turntables will not suit you. Indeed, if for example you have needs for a DJ-oriented activity, you will need a turntable that can achieve scratches, that is to say, which is equipped with the technology called direct drive. On the other hand, with this type of turntable, you will be able to make departures but also interesting stops which will not fail to seduce your audience.

In the same spirit, you should know that vinyl turntables that are called belt drive are obviously the ones that meet the most successful especially if you want to listen in an airy room. Overall, you can check it by reading the opinions of consumers who have made the move to buy a turntable turntable: the sound is overall much better and we feel much more details than had another type of turntable.

On the other hand, the problem of knowing which types of vinyl will accommodate your turntable is very important. For example, if you have 78 rpm records, be aware that all turntables will not be able to read them and that is why it is important to check this aspect so you do not end up with a machine totally unusable.

On the other hand, we note that for a number of years, turntable makers have had a great time making models that rival design and for a large number of music lovers, this dimension can have its own. real importance. Also, although this is a personal choice, be aware that we have selected very design vinyl turntables that will surely suit you whether for you or as part of a gift to offer.

The Amplifier

Also, it is also important to check all the problems related to the accounting of your turntable with the amplifiers. If you have one already, then it is essential to check that the turntable you want to buy is compatible with it. If you do not have one, however, we have also created a buying guide to help you choose a sound amplifier, not only adapted to your needs and your budget but also to the turntable that you want to buy.

Also, you should know that there are different formats for vinyl turntables such as the automatic turntable. This one will allow you to read as much the 33 turns, as the 45-turns and even the 78 turns knowing that you will be able to select the mode of reading very easily. There are some manufacturers who have specialized in the realization of automatic turntable, which can be more if you do not want to take the lead with this type of problem when you listen to your music.

In addition, the semi-automatic turntable will be a model that will be very close to the manual turntable but it will have a manual mechanism to start and finish reading. This setting is often what pleases many music lovers, knowing again many brands have specialized in the creation of semi-automated platinum. Finally, you will also have access to the manual turntable, which is obviously the biggest part of the vinyl sales market. It will not only turn on the turntable but also stop manually and make the necessary settings to get the sound you want. For people who are nostalgic for the music of yesteryear, this type of turntable is certainly a priority, because the pleasure is certainly appointments.

Training of the Record Player

When choosing a turntable, it is essential to ask yourself whether you want a belt drive or a direct drive. Indeed, most vinyl turntables will work with belts that will be connected directly to the board that will thus apply a drive which will have the advantage of ensuring a simple and reliable operation of your turntable. However, there are also direct drive turntables or the rotation of the disc will be ensured through the establishment of a motor that will usually be centered at the plateau. This system has the technology-oriented advantage and will be especially recommended for people who want to perform DJ services.


It does not matter what model of turntable you choose, that is to say an amateur or professional model, you need a model with good value for money. It is absolutely necessary to set up some optimization of your turntable in order to use it in the most optimal conditions possible. Also, whether by yourself or through the use of a professional, the setting of the turntable cell is really quite heavy as gait is annoying, but once you have made this adjustment, could really take advantage of your turntable in the best possible conditions.

On the other hand, this process allows the vinyls to be read much more clearly by the turntable and thus to collect much more information. Also, in the lot of other advice to consider regarding the use of your turntable, you should know that the readers are very sensitive to external vibrations but also to the environment surrounding the platinum in good standing General. For this reason, for example, you should avoid putting your speakers near your turntable to avoid skipping this setting. It is also imperative to position your turntable on a really stable support in order to be able to obtain an ideal quality of listening is to avoid any problem of start.


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