Best Vintage Turntables/Record Players

Choosing the Best Vintage Turntables is very important if you want to enjoy your old and favorite music. The best turntables not only look great but also give you a unique experience and allow you to enjoy your favorite music in a different way.  The first thing that every individual should see in the best turntable is its incredible features. Also, the turntable must be convenient to use for special occasions as well as for everyday use.

The Best Vintage Turntables Includes:

USB Enabled:  If you are able to connect the turntable using the USB cord, then it will surely enhance the flexibility of the turntable.  The resourceful turntable will work with any music player and allows you to enjoy your favorite music, including old and new music.

Headphone Jack:  The headphone jack is another useful feature in a turntable that allows you to enjoy your favorite music by yourself through your headphones. However, it also allows many people to listen to the music if you remove the headphones.

Bluetooth Enabled:  The Bluetooth can be connected to the music player, which makes it easy for you to listen to the music.

Colors: Many of these Vintage Turntables are available in different colors, though it is not an important feature, and it will surely make your room look stylish. The best turntables come in different colors and offer great options so that you can choose the best one to listen to your favorite music.

Power:  This feature actually allows you to understand how effective is your turntable and how portable it is.

The best vintage record players can be a lot of fun when it offers excellent features and allows you to listen to your favorite music peacefully. Also, the best turntable enhances the flexibility of the device and the music that you listen to, which is why you should look for the turntable that is loaded with the best and effective features. Here you can find some of seven best and affordable vintage turntables so that you can choose the best one for your needs.

  1. Electrohome Winston 3-in-1 Turntable:

The Winston Vinyl Turntable is a three-in-one Natural Wood Record Player that comes with a CD, AM/FM, and AUX input for Tablets, Smartphone, MP3 players, and Tablets.  The Winston record player’s classic design is designed by Electrohome that has been providing an amazing audio experience to the music lovers for more than hundred years.  The turntable is designed with real wood that allows you to play your entire music collection, including AM/FM, Vinyl Records, Tablet, Smartphone, CDs, and more. This 3-in-1 system offers many options and the contemporary design matches any décor and offers clear sound from its built-in speakers.

With this Winston 3-in-1 turntable you can play old vinyl records and listen to your favorite music peacefully as it allows you to play 78, 45, and 33 1/5 RPM vinyl records. The record player comes with an old style knobs and backlit rotary turner dial, which makes the player look an old-fashioned radio. The analog radio dial and the rotary control knob make the turntable look unique a retro look to the system. The backlit dial allows you to see the controls even in the dark easily.

Beautiful and Sturdy Top Quality Construction:

The strong and tough design makes the turntable unique system and the high-quality components allow you to enjoy the resourceful the system for many years. Also, the system has the rubber feet on the bottom helps you prevent scratches or scuffs on the furniture.

The elegant Classic Vintage Design with beautiful real Wood Finish makes the system look great and it suits perfectly in any décor and in any room.  The classic and retro look complements the room and looks great.  The perfect combination of vintage design with modern technology makes this record player unique.

Headphone Port and DFRD (Dual Full Range Dynamic) Speakers: The turntable’s powerful speakers offer high-frequency sound and it comes with 3.5mm built-in headphone jack located on the front side of the unit.


  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Durable materials
  • Plays CDs, Vinyl Record, Digital Files, and AM/FM radio
  • Plays all standard record speeds and sizes
  • Beautiful antique knobs and controls that comes with a backlit readout
  • Affordable than several other brands


  • Does not include any auxiliary output to attach external speakers
  • You should stop manually after each track
  • Wobbles when it plays new records
  1. Victrola Vintage Three-Speed Turntable:

VSC-550BT Victrola Bluetooth Suitcase Record Player contains speakers and designed with innovative technology. This three-speed turntable allows you to play your vinyl records at 78, 45, and 331/3 RPM and comes with a built-in Bluetooth so that you can play your favorite music wirelessly through any device that is enabled with Bluetooth without any cord.  The portable design of the record players is easy-to-carry and easy-to-handle and it comes with 3.5mm audio device or compatible Bluetooth device, Headphone Jack, and RCA Aux-in. Also, it includes a power on/off volume control knob and includes a selection switch with a manual stop.

This classic turntable is loaded with excellent features and offers built-in Bluetooth technology that allows you to listen to your favorite stream of music from any latest device, and the three-speed record players contains 3.5mm aux-in jack allows you to play music even from the device that has not Bluetooth feature includes, and no headphone jack, and RCA jack. It is easy-to-carry around and allows you to enjoy music at anytime and anywhere.


  • Built-in Bluetooth that allows you to play the music wirelessly on any smart device. No need for any cords.
  • Easy-to-carry as it comes with a portable suitcase design
  • 3-Speed turntable 45,331/3 and 45rpm allow you to play all your favorite vinyl records and preferred albums.


  • Front panel wobbles
  • The clamp is not of a good quality
  1. 1Byone BDB (Belt Driven Bluetooth) Turntable:

1 byone Record Player is a vintage style turntable that comes with a built-in stereo speaker and this Vinyl-to-MP3 turntable looks beautiful with its Natural Wood exterior.  The solid and natural wood appearance makes this record player look conventional and it covers the record player as well. It allows you to listen to the music in three speeds, including 33, 45, and 78 RPM, and it has the capacity to transform all your old vinyl records into MP3 using USB. The system comes with built-in stereo speakers that offer full range sound and this two-way crossover turntable generates a high-frequency and clear sound for all sorts of music.

Bluetooth and plug & play allow you to listen to your favorite music on all devices, including Android, iPhone, Tablet, Smartphone, USB-MP3 Player, PC, etc. The retro and modern style offer a balanced combination of mid-century charm and modernity and it comes with all latest and advanced features. The Bluetooth feature of the turntable transforms the record players into the best wireless speaker, and all that you need to do is select your favorite music and play directly from your Tablet or Smartphone.


  • RAC output allows you to connect your own speakers to the turntable
  • Look amazing with its natural wood appearance, and contains a suitable front panel with protective dust cover and playback controls.
  • It allows you to transfer vinyl records into your MP3 devices so that you can enjoy your old collection on your mobile devices or on your PC.
  • It allows you to select speeds in 33, 45, and 78 rpm and includes a 45rpm adaptor that allows you to play all your vinyl records.
  • Available in different colors


  • Small defect in the needle
  • Limited to Vinyl Records
  1. Crosley CR6231A-GR1 Sterling Portable Turntable:

The Crosley Portable Record Player comes in different colors and plays two speeds, including 45 and 33 1/3 RPM speeds and comes with full range stereo speakers. This portable turntable contains auxiliary input and uses a belt-driven technology and plays twelve inches, ten inches, and seven inches records.

Now, you can enjoy all your old vinyl collection records with this beautiful sterling turntable. This beautiful two-speed turntable offers high-quality sound as it comes with a diamond stylus and provides a dynamic sound through its full-range stereo speakers.  The beautiful exterior of the record players gives the vintage look and suits in any type of décor and in any room.  It comes with a removable stand so that you can carry it anywhere you want.  The Aux port allows you to play all your favorite music on any other devices. The system offers several modern options and allows you to listen to your favorite music at anytime and anywhere you want.


  • Amazing full range stereo speakers
  • Plays 12inces, 10inches, and7inces records
  • Plays 331/3 and 45 RPM Speeds
  • BDT (Belt Driven Turntable) mechanism
  • Portable Audio that comes with Auxiliary input


  • It does not have a playback converter speed for 78rpm records
  1. Electrohome Archer Vinyl Record Player:

The Electrohome Archer record player comes with built-in stereo speakers, headphone jack, USB for MP3, and AUX input for Tablets and Smartphone.  The turntable has a 1960’s inspired look and this 3-in-1 record player is easy-to-carry and looks great and also allows you to listen to your favorite vinyl records wherever you want.

It allows you to transform all your vinyl records to MP3 format using USB and also allows you to switch to Aux mode to connect a Tablet or Smartphone using 3.5mm input. You can as well connect your headphone to listen to your music privately.

The ceramic needle that comes in a conical shaped with sapphire tipped to increase the audio performance and offers natural and warm tone without harming your record collection.  This belt-driven turntable spins seven, ten, and twelve-inch records at speeds, including 78, 45, and 331/3RPM.


  • Available in two colors, including saddle brown and black
  • Come with built-in speakers and easy to carry around
  • Attuned to headphones


  • Cannot transfer old music to Personal Computer
  • Does not include an output to attach outside speakers
  1. Fluance Vinyl Turntable:

This unique High Fidelity record player comes with dual magnet cartridge and this belt-driven turntable includes Elliptical Diamond Stylus, Anti-Skating, Adjustable Counterweight, Built-in Preamp, and solid wood cabinet RT82. The powerful features of this high-fidelity vinyl turntable offer an outstanding analog music experience that restores the performance of the artist.

The high-performance audio technical AT95E cartridge produces clear sound and the diamond elliptical tipped stylus will not harm your vinyl records and offers high-definition audio. The s-type tonearm makes sure that the stylus sits perfectly in the groove of the record and provides clear sound. The outstanding walnut finished cabinet is created with MDF wood, and it integrates, an aluminum platter, isolation feet, and a rubber slip mat.  The Turntable includes dustcover, RT81 turntable, 45adapter, rubber slip mat, 3-ft RCA Cable with a ground wire, AC power adapter with 100V to 240V, lifetime customer support and quick start guide.


  • The Fluance high-fidelity turntable offers amazing and warm sound and it brings your vinyl records to life. It is one of the turntables that got maximum 5-star reviews from the users. It is one of the best and affordable vinyl turntables available in the market.


  • Minimal Design and does not look like a vintage record player
  1. Audio Technica AT-LP60BK:

The major feature of this AT-LP60BK Audio Technica is that it’s completely automatic and contains two-speed with the anti-resonance feature.  The platter is designed with a die-cast aluminum which makes this turntable unique and elegant. It is easy to use and offers high-fidelity audio that offers enhanced clarity of sound. This belt-driven turntable integrates dual magnet audio along with a replaceable diamond stylus. The AT-LP60BK Audio Technica offers a wide range of connectivity options and comes with removable dust cover to protect from dust.


  • Anti-Resonance
  • High-quality Audio
  • Comes with Dust Cover
  • Die-Cast aluminum platter
  • Belt-Driven Design
  • Easy-to-operate


  • It has some safety issues
  • Expensive

These are some of the best vintage record players that offer outstanding features and combine the vintage look and modern technology and offers high-quality sound.

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