Best Portable Turntables/Record Players

Before buying a portable record player, you should know what to look for in the Best Portable Turntables. The first thing that you should know that, you must look beyond the basic functions of the record player. Basically, people look for vinyl records, but you should not stop there, you must look for more. Here you can find some of the significant factors that you should look before buying a portable turntable.

Built-in-Speaker: The best portable record players come with built-in speakers, so when you are shopping for a record player, ask if it has built-in speakers. This is very important, because many portable turntables don’t include inbuilt speakers, but they provide a facility to connect an external speaker or headphone to listen to music.  The portable record players that come with the inbuilt speakers’ offers the best sound quality and you can enjoy your favorite music without using any extra gadgets.

Basic Features: Look for the available playing speeds.  Usually, in most of these portable turntables, you get 2 or 3-speeds like 33, 45, and 78rpm speeds. The other basic feature that you should look for is the cartridge; platter and arm are made with top-quality materials so it will not cause any damage to your vinyl records. The other basic features you should consider are the RCA jacks, audio in/out jack, etc.

Extra Features: Apart from the basic features, you should also look for some additional features when you are planning to buy a turntable. Some of these portable turntables allow you to connect to the PC (but make sure your computer has the compatibility) and convert your favorite vinyl music records into digital files.  Some turntables also include built-in AM/FM, adjustable pitch control, automatic speed selectors, and more.

Power Source: The Best Portable Turntables can get power through USB port connected to your computer. Some turntables also need replaceable batteries or they will come with a rechargeable in-built battery. However, most portable turntables can be plugged into the power outlet directly.

Price:  Price is also, one of the major factors for many people, and if you are looking for portable record players with a limited budget, then you can only choose from a limited set of models. You should consider price factor, but you should also look for better features for more enjoyment and also it is a one-time investment so why not get a better one.

The other things that you should consider before buying a portable turntable are the durability and the portability. So look for a compact yet durable record player to enjoy your favorite music.  Here you can find some of the best portable record players that can help you choose the best one that matches your needs.

1. Crosley CR6230A-TU Snap Portable Turntable:

Crosley CR6230A-TU Snap is a belt-driven Portable record player system that plays three-speeds, including  8, 45, and33 1/3rpm speeds and records in seven, twelve, and the-inch sizes. This portable turntable is the perfect combination of the modern modem sound and design from the ideal partnership with Crosley. This turntable exclusive design comes with fold-out speakers, which permits you to enjoy your favorite records without any messy cords or vibrated speakers. Using USB you can connect to a Mac and equipped PCs.  This portable turntable is equipped with an auxiliary input that allows you to enjoy both the analog and digital through its built-in USB port that permits your make MP3s of your favorite music records.  The system includes a headphone jack, auxiliary input, and RCA output.

The portable record player allows you to transfer and edit disc into digital files with the USB jack that connects to the computer with the suitable software.  It offers multiple output options, and the RCA audio facilitates the Snap to connect to any outside speaker to get a full-range sound, and a headphone jack permits you to listen to your favorite music in private.

The Crosley CR6230A-TU is the best and affordable record players that offer accurate and clear audio sound. It comes with an NP5 needle that is considered as a unique feature that you may not find in various other portable players at this price. However, it has few drawbacks as well, the platter does not contain a suitable slipmat, but contains three tiny rubber feet that hold the record.


  • Strong foldout speakers
  • USB and RCA output
  • Clear 3-speed playback


  • No tone arm feature
  • Heavy device
  • Slipmats are not included

2. Numark PT01 USB Portable Turntable:

Numark PT01 is a self-sufficient suitcase style portable turntable that comes with a rechargeable battery and built-in speakers. The three-speed includes 78, 45, and 33 1/3rpm belt-drive system includes a 45 RPM adapter.  This Numark portable turntable contains strong case with a handle that allows you to carry the record player anywhere you want. The built-in speakers in the portable turntable can allow you to listen to your favorite music conveniently without any need of connecting to external speakers.

The EZ Tape or Vinyl conversion software allows you to archive vinyl to your PC using the USB port.  Also, it includes 1/8 inch aux input and 1/8 inch headphone hack are provided for external audio sources.  The rechargeable battery can be charged through USB and it allows you to listen to the music on your portable turntable.  The RCA output allows you to connect to the external speakers, and the best auto stop feature stops the record player immediately once the record ends.

Along with the USB port, it also includes a USB cable and easy-to-download EZ converter software, which converts the analog records to digital files and stores it in your computer.  The Numark PT01 Touring is better than the old suitcase turntable in adaptability. The portable record player also plays on this fixed rechargeable battery that means it allows you to enjoy the records wherever you go and even without any need of a wall plug.  The protective dust cover is included in the package to keep your turntable dust-free when not in use.  The PT01 turntable runs on the 6-D-Batteries that can run for 20-hrs.  The built-in speaker gives you full-range sounds and it is much easier to use.


  • USB port and RCA
  • 3-Speed playback with pitch control
  • Battery powered


  • Not a reliable tone arm locking system
  • No full-range sound on built-in speaker

3. Jensen JTA-230 Stereo Turntable:

Jensen JTA -230 is a Belt Driven three-speed Stereo Turntable that comes with 33, 78, and 45rpm speeds stereo speaker system. The turntable comes with a USB port with the cable that allows you to convert vinyl records to digital files using the software for editing, recording, and converting the audio files into MP3 format.  Now, you can enjoy your favorite old records as this turntable allows you to enjoy all your old music. This belt driven JTA-230 includes an auxiliary input jack, two built-in stereo speakers, and this auxiliary input allows you to list music from external devices, including Mp3 player, tablet, or any other digital players connected to the speakers. The auxiliary input jack is provided to connect to your MP3, iPod, etc. It also includes RCA jack and headphone jack.

The turntable allows you to adjust the pitch control, tone control and volume control. Also, it comes with an auto stop switch, power indicator, dust cover, and contains AC120V 60Hz power. If you are it in different countries, then make to check the correct voltage requirements otherwise the device may get damaged if you use the incorrect power.

The Jensen JTA-230 Stereo is not completely portable turntable, but it is worth every penny if you are looking for a turntable with an entry level price.

Most Lego sets cost twice as much as this record player, but it still sounds surprisingly good. It has a decent needle with a metal cantilever, and its three-speed motor faithfully plays 33/45/78 RPM records. These compact players contain mini platter that means the LP projected from under the gaps of the dust cover, but it may not keep your system clean, when you are not using it.


  • 3-Speed playback along with pitch control
  • Loud built-in speakers
  • Affordable


  • No tone arm feature
  • No carrying handle
  • Dust cover does not cover completely

4. 1byone Portable Stereo Turntable:

1byone is a retro style and fashionable Portable Stereo Turntable that comes with the ideal combination of retro style and trendy elements with traditional color series. It is the best choice for those people who enjoy the music with emotions and which makes them travel back to those most memorable days.  Also, it looks unique in your collection of antique pieces.

The 1byone is a completely functional turntable that comes with a headphone jack output and RCA output line in port that allows you to enjoy your favorite vinyl music records at your own speaker system with full-range sound, also for more private listening you can use your headphones.  Also, it allows you to listen to your favorite music from your MP3 player, iPod, mobile phones, etc.

This incredible stereo turntable available in a unique and delicate design that comes with a switch and jack output placed on the side that makes it convenient to operate and play the music.  Also, it has front-facing inbuilt speakers along with tone arm with delicate damping controls that adds more exquisiteness to this portable record player.

This 1byone turntable comes with a one year guarantee and if you get any problem, then the company will replace the device immediately, as customer satisfaction is their main priority. When you want to listen to the record, then first remove the shielding cap and open the tone-arm clip to let go the tone arm.

If you switch on the auto stop on/off switch, then the record will stop automatically when the record ends.  If you switch off the auto control, then the record will not stop even after it reaches the end.  Also, remember to use a 45rpm adapter when playing a 45rpm record, it is located near the tone arm holder.  1byone is one the best portable, durable, and a completely fun way to listen to the records.

The 1byone comes with an aluminum trim PU leather suitcase and available at a very reasonable price.


  • Durable and Compact
  • Affordable
  • Clear 3-speed playback


  • No tone arm feature
  • Not a high-quality speaker

5. Pyle Vintage Vinyl Stereo System:

Pyle Vintage is a classic vinyl stereo turntable designed with a combination of retro design and modern technology.  The elegant wood crafted design of the Pyle Vintage Stereo System includes covered lid that exposes the vinyl turntable.  The Pyle Vintage comes with a full-range stereo speakers and built-in Bluetooth music receiver that allow you to connect to wireless music.  This turntable works with any other Bluetooth device, including laptops, Smartphone, Computers, and Tablet. The wireless range will be more that thirty feet.

This beautiful wood-crafted record player will look beautiful in any room, and the built-in stereo speaker offers crisp and full-range sound. The turntable allows you to play any vinyl records and at the same time, you can record vinyl to MP3 recording, as this feature facilitates you to save all your favorite old vinyl records into digital files. This can help you listen to your favorite music any time you want and also you can share it with your family and friends.

It also has an inbuilt front loading CD player tray along with remote control and offers everything that is needed. The 3-speeds includes 75, 45, 33rpm speed. It also includes an auxiliary input for 3.5mm headphone jack on the rear panel and the control center is placed on the front panel. It can also record AM/FM radio, CD, and a Bluetooth audio music file and you save them through USB flash drive.  You can enjoy this elegant and stylish vintage stereo system that comes with outstanding features and available at a very affordable price.


  • Full-range Speakers
  • Built-in support for USB, CD, AM/FM, and Bluetooth
  • Turn your vinyl records into digital files
  • wireless streaming music ability through Bluetooth
  • You can enjoy your favorite vinyl records


  • No tone arm feature
  • The Protective lid must remove to play a vinyl record

These are some of the Best Portable Turntables that are available at a very affordable price and loaded with excellent features. Most of these turntables combine both the retro and modern look that makes them unique record players.

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