Best All-in-one Turntables/Record Players 2018

CD players and later on Digital Music took away the legacy of the Record Play long back, but, fortunately, in recent years, turntables have revived back its legacy and it brought yester year’s heritage back for the music lovers. The restoration of vinyl records has not gone unseen by the music industry. Currently, many audio manufacturers are producing a new wave of Best All-in-one Turntables that integrate modern technology and innovation along with the same traits of the traditional record players. But people who never bought turntable or having a discontinued model that was made decades ago, and planning to buy one, then it can be a challenging task for them, as choosing the perfect turntable can help them save time and money.  

In this article, you can find some of the Best all-in-one record players that can help the people to buy the best one according to their choice.  These reviewed turntables come with the best and reliable features and most of them available at a very affordable price.

You can listen to your favorite music in your all-in-one record player and enjoy all the benefits of all new features of this latest stereo system. Also, you can connect your turntable to any speakers if you want a loud music or you can as well enjoy listing music to yourself with headphones.  You can listen to any music, including vintage and modern, and you can use auxiliary, USB inputs for any devices, including Smartphone, Tablets, and also Bluetooth. Here you can find a list of turntables that are packed with the best features. You can choose the best and most suitable turntable so you can enjoy your favorite music during your leisure time.

Teac LPR550 Record Player

Teach LPR550 is an all-in-one record player and an ultimate recording and playback solution.  This compact record system includes CD, Turntables, AM/FM tuner, Cassette, and also it contains a USB audio interface. This exclusive record player plays thirty-three, forty-five, and seventy-eight rpm disc or vinyl records, and it comes with an exclusive design of player arm that is placed on the records without scratching it and it will come back to the standby position once the record end.

This model allows you to transfer any music to a digital format with the USB and CD computer recording features. However, you need to replace the sapphire needle quite often and all the replacement parts are available at a very affordable price from Teach.  You can easily replace the needle whenever you need to change.

The Cassette Player, the radio, and the CD player contain same resourcefulness.  The Cassette player takes high and normal tapes, whereas the CD player grants programmed or shuffle playlist modes.  However, the radio is digital that may not be considered as traditional, but it makes routing easy by facilitating you to store around nine presets.

This record player actually excels all because of its recording features.  Cassettes and discs, and also the auxiliary or radio inputs can all be recorded to CDs in the recording player with just a push of a button. You can also integrate your computer using USB, and you can record your favorite music from any playback modes straightaway to your music library. The built-in speakers are good enough for most of the playback and the recording player also integrates a normal RCA port in the back to attach external speakers.

However, Teach LPR550 record player is considered as the most expensive one that is available in the market. The recording and playback flexibility is unmatched.  When you buy this record player, you won’t feel like using any other devices.  The only drawback is that, if you want to play digital inputs, then it needs a wire as it does not have the Bluetooth potential.


  • The sound is perfect
  • Extremely resourceful playback
  • CD player facilitates programmed or shuffle playlist modes
  • Replaceable Sapphire Needle
  • Cassette Player takes standard and high tapes
  • Digital radio is easy-to-use
  • Recording the cassettes, records, and radio to CDs, or all inputs connected to USB, computer


  • No Bluetooth
  • Considerably Expensive

Teac MC-D800-BLK Record Player

Teac MC-D800 is the latest turntable that is designed for those individuals who love to listen to vinyl as well as digital music.

The Teac turntable can play the entire vinyl collection without any problem as it is attuned to all normal size records and it can playback at thirty-three, forty-five and seventy-eight-rpm speeds. The record player also includes a standard sapphire-tipped stylus, but this model also offers diamond needle, which is optional, but it is necessary for SP-style records.

The speakers that are integrated with the record player offers the best sound quality and connected to a normal RCA jack if you want to attach more advanced speakers to the record player.

One of the useful features of this turntable is that it comes with a Bluetooth that you can attach to your digital audio system. Also, it contains remote, which means that you can control the system from any room in your home.

The only drawback of this record player is that does not include recording feature. In this model, you won’t be able to computerize your disc collection. Teach record player includes a strong turntable to rotate your disc collection with latest audio requirements such as Bluetooth connectivity, a digital radio, alarm clock features, and tons of presets. But, it lacks the recording feature.


  • Digital radio with several presets
  • LCD screen facilitates a lot of alarm and playback features
  • Bluetooth connected
  • Top-quality external speakers that offer great sound, but they are also replaceable


  • No Cassette player
  • Does not come with a recording feature.

Victrola Nostalgic six-in-one Bluetooth Record Player

Victrola is one of the esteemed players in the audio industry, and this all-in-one record player is an amalgamation of modern digital technology and an antique record players.

The Victrola Nostalgic turntable is a highly resourceful and it can play any normal record size in 75, 45, and 33 1/3 rpm playback speeds. The cartridge and needle are not very durable, they may cause some trouble. But, they do not cause any scratches on the record as they do not put enough pressure.

The exterior of the turntable is designed with elegant wood-finished cabinet along with a large dial display in the middle and analog radio. The adjoining stereo speakers offer the best sound-quality, however, you can also attach the turntable to the external speaker using a regular RCA jack.

The record player’s wireless digital playback comes with a Bluetooth. It contains an auxiliary input to connect devices that do not come with Bluetooth feature. This model comes with built-in CD players and cassette so you can take complete advantage of this durable and affordable turntable.

This model is not very expensive, so it can be a better choice for those individuals who like the vintage look. This turntable includes Bluetooth option and also includes extra features like cassette and CD players. However, this model lacks the recording feature, which makes it less resourceful than other models in the same category.


  • Bluetooth capable
  • Wooden Vintage Exterior
  • Affordable price with great features


  • No recording Disc to MP3s

Crosley CR704C-PA Performer Turntable

Crosley CR704 is one of the best vintage style record players that comes with all latest digital features. The built-in Bluetooth receiver allows you to play your music wirelessly by connecting the turntable to full-range stereo speakers.  It is a highly adaptable record player and the belt is driven turntable plays 3-speeds, including 33 1/3 and 45, and 78rpm records speed and the capacity to play seven, ten and twelve-inch records with the non-replaceable diamond stylus. To get the portable audio ready, just plug it in your MP 3 player or Smartphone. The dual stereo speakers can produce loud and rich sound. This model includes side-mounted Cassette Deck, CD player, and FM/AM radio along with airplane tuning-dial. The record player is enclosed in a beautiful wooden frame.

The Crosley CR704 accepts a standard 3.5mm headphone cord to connect MP3, Smartphone, or any other digital device. If you are looking for a top-quality sound system, then choose this turntable as it comes with modern features and offers full-range sound system.


  • Versatile Turntable
  • Beautiful Vintage Exterior
  • Auxiliary Input Compatibility


  • The Vintage style button that is not easy to read
  • No audio recording facility
  • Non-replaceable stylus

Victrola 50’s Retro 30-speed Record Player

Victrola 50’s is a retro style turntable that looks completely antique but loaded with outstanding and latest features. Bring this yester year’s retro style and resourceful audio experience back to your home with this unique Victrola 50’s Record Player.  This model comes with a Bluetooth and USB DE (Digital Encoding) that is available in a perfect retro design that is capable enough to play CD’s, AM/FM radio, wireless music, and Disc records.  You can enjoy clean, crisp audio in various formats.

The Victrola retro record player offers three speeds, including 33 1/3, 45, and 78rpm speeds. The sapphire colored stylus works perfectly well for playback, however, you have to replace the stylus very frequently.   The recording playback is not loud on the built-in speakers when compared to digital playback, and it is a perfect option for everyday listening.

The CD and radio player contains the best features that affix to the flexibility of this record player. The best feature of the record player is its Bluetooth affinity.  The record players can sever both analog and digital music. The Bluetooth can stream music up to 33feet away. This turntable comes with a headphone jack and 3.5 mm Auxiliary input.


  • CD Player and Digital Radio
  • Beautiful Vintage Design
  • Bluetooth Compatible
  • Affordable and loaded with the best features
  • Records Vinyl to the computer using USB


  • Some individuals had issues with the CD player
  • No cassette player

Electrohome Vinyl Record Player (EANOS700)

Electrohome is one of the best all-in-one retro record players offers the best and full-range sound with a flawlessly tuned audio cabinet that comes with four speakers for a reliable audio performance.  This high-performance turntable has combined the design of retro record player with the modern technology music systems. Both casual listeners and music lovers will enjoy an outstanding audio drive with the Electrohome signature retro music system.

This incredible vintage music system includes AM/FM radio, plays vinyl records, CDs, and allows you to connect to MP3 through USB. This music system integrates a 3.5mm auxiliary input so that you can enjoy listening music from your iPad, iPhone, Smartphone, Android, or Tablet.

The turntable is designed with an authentic design using real wood with handcrafted cabinet and gave a  nice walnut finish that makes the system look like a vintage design supported by Electrohome’ hundred years of manufacturing analog audio devices.

This turntable is totally automatic and spins seven, ten and twelve-inche records at 3-speeds of 33 1/3, 45, and 78rpm (Revolutions per Minute), so you and your entire family can enjoy this vinyl collection.  The Conical-shaped tipped with a sapphire ceramic needle that offers best audio performance with natural and warm tone and it will not scratch any record or most valuable albums.

The Electrohome Turntable allows you to record any vinyl music to MP3 songs using the built-in USB, and you don’t need to connect to your PC. You just need to plug in your USB drive and press the record button.

The retro look will look good at any place and match any décor; it will surely make an attractive addition to your beautiful vintage collection.  The incredible features like a revolving control knob, the orange illumination on the analog tuning dial and traditional patina faceplate represents a real authentic classic system.

Electrohome’s signature turntable is a perfect option for those people who are looking for an old-fashioned yet a modern record player that comes with a vintage finish. This turntable is resourceful and available at a very affordable price. However, its versatility is limited compared to several other all-in-one record players.


  • Records Vinyl through the inbuilt USB port
  • Plays any vinyl without scratching the record with its stylus
  • Beautiful retro design


  • The cassette player is not included
  • You cannot connect external speakers to the system
  • Bluetooth feature is not available

Choosing the Best all-in-one Turntable is important as it allows you to enjoy your favorite music the way you want.  These resourceful players provide the best of both analog audio and digital music, and also these turntables, allows you to record your favorite old record to your Smartphone, MP3s, etc.  The entire vintage turntables look beautiful and it will suit any home and any décor.



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