Audio Technica AT- LP60 Review 2018

What is the Audio-Technica AT-LP60BT?

The Audio Technica AT-LP60 is a fully automated turntable that offers 2-speed turntable and contains 331/3 and 45 RPM, which allows you to plug it to play it. The turntable’s built-in Bluetooth allows you to stream your disc straightaway to a wireless speaker system. The Audio Technica comes with a die-cast and anti-resonance aluminum platter, and it also includes built-in phono pre-amplifiers with a convertible option along with RCA output cables to attach to powered speaker and audio system The Audio Technica At-LP60 comes with IDM (Integral Dual Magnet) phono cartridge along with usable diamond stylus.

Design and Build

The Audio AT LP60 has developed, with a solid design as it looks more like a midi-system turntable of the1980s. The compact size of the device is the bonus features of this turntable as it saves a lot of space and of course the strong built is an additional benefit that you get at this affordable price.  You can get the device in two colors black and white and they both look extremely marvelous.

The LP60 BT also contains several advanced and convenient features, including auto –return, auto-start, and a key to lower and raise the needle. These entire features were lost in time, but now with this system, you are getting all those retro and modern features together.

You can also find various other controls and features on the deck, including a key to switch between 33rmp and 45rmps speeds, a start/stop button, a knob to switch between 7inch and 10inch records, etc.  So the auto-start feature places the needle at the exact place and the LED-lit button activates the Bluetooth.

At the back, it contains 3.5mm stereo that allows you to switch between a phono output and a pre-amplified line output and facilitates out to plug into a different phono stage or loyal phono input on any amps. The platter is made with a belt-driven, cast-metal product that is most significant, and possibly generates a more consistent flywheel effect, than any other cheap platters that you find on the old midi-decks.  It is covered by a felt mat with a big Audio-Technica logo on it. However, they made it look modernized but, most youngsters may not have liked it looks a bit DJ-ish. Let’s move ahead with this Audio Technic AT LP60 review and explore the features.


Easy Operation: The Audio Technic AT-LP60 is a totally automatic turntable and it offers easy-operation, it places the style softly on records and returns to the tonearm automatically once the record ends. It works on both 33-1/3 and 45 records.

Belt-Drive Design:  The Turntable contains a belt-driven design separates the platter from speed vibrations and increases the high-integrity and clarity of the audio.

Top-Quality Audio-Technica Cartridge: The Audio Technica contains IDM (integral dual-magnet) phono cartridge along with the replaceable diamond stylus.

Large Range of Connectivity Options: The device comes with built-in changeable phono pre-amplifier along with RCA-output-cables that are used to connect the powered speakers and audio system, speakers are not included in the package.

Supplied Accessories:  It includes 2-output adapter cables, including dual RCA female to dual RCA female and mini-plug male to mini-plug female, and 45RPM adapter.


Setting up LP60 Audio Technica is not complicated.  You have to place the platter on the shaft, and hook the drive belt to the platter around the motor, put the mat on the platter, and then it is set to attach the turntable to the sound system.

You can pair your LP60 and connect it to the device that has enabled Bluetooth and pressing down the turntable’s Bluetooth button and hold it till it flickers purple two times, and then it changes to red and blue to indicate that it is in pairing mode.  The bright and solid blue light shows that it is paired.

To set the right speed and perfect record size, just press Start and rest the deck will take care, it automatically lifts the tonearm and placed it on the record before placing the needle smoothly into the foreword groove.  You may hear music quietly coming from the vinyl for two seconds, and then you can hear the music coming from the speakers. This is because if you delay placing the lid, you will experience this kind of sound from vinyl that is why placing the lid as soon as you press the start button. Now let’s take a look at the pros and cons in this Audio Technica AT-LP60 review.


  • Easy-operation
  • A balanced, clear and coherent listen
  • Adequate protection of the records and players
  • Best sound quality
  • Replaceable Stylus
  • Magnetic cartridge
  • Best Customer Service


  • Lack of hardwired RCA cables and short RCA cables
  • Needed more firmness in sound
  • Lacks built-in speakers and volume control
  • Needles bounce if there any external vibration

The unit contains some basic features, and it is available in four colors, including red, silver, black, and blue.  The simple and sleek design of the Audio Technica makes it look elegant and stylish. It is a very lightweight unit and it is considered as the best device available in the market because it not only sounds amazing with phono pre-amplifier and magnetic cartridge, but also offers great speed, flexibility, and facilitates digitization of your LP collection. The Audio Technica also offers a high-quality source substance for a better vocal clarity and channel separation.

The automatic needle drop feature makes it easy for a player to listen and record the music. The speed button allows you to switch between 2-playback speeds easily.  As this unit can directly plug in the soundbars or external powered speakers, it offers beautiful sound and decreases any density of the device.

Audio Technica is highly flexible compared to any other turntables.  Its tonearms contain adjustments to control the upright tracking angle, adoptable counterbalance system, and anti-skating features.  Also, it comes with removable headshell, which you cannot find in any other turntables.  It allows easy switching between cartridges, and several other features of LP60 makes this unit the most unique and affordable one.


Audio Technica At-LP60 is one of the best units available in the market. Compared to any other unit that costs same as LP60, you can find that it has several unique features and it can beat other devices at any time. This totally automatic turntable offers quick and easy operation with offers a great experience to the listeners.



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