Akai Professional BT500 Review

The Akai Professional is the newest turntable from the folks at Akai. It is meant to be an entry level turntable for those looking to get into records and want an easy way to play all their favorite records. The BT500 has a 50/50 split with its looks and performance but is it the right turntable for you? Well this  akai bt500 review should help you find out.


The Akai Professional BT500 is not only meant to be functional but also very eye catching. The turntable is designed in such a way that it will draw attention to itself in even the modest setup. Whether you keep it on your desk or on your bookshelf the Akai Professional BT500 look superb and blends down with just about any environment.

The Akai Professional BT500 is meant to invoke a modern aesthetic with its flush design. The turntable is primarily made from high grade aluminum and wood. The unit itself has a walnut finish on it that not only look sleek but also feels great. Likewise, the controls on the Akai Professional BT500 are made from brushed aluminum which makes them stand out to the rest of the turntable.

This contrast of metallic silver controls and dark brown walnut gives the Bt500 Professional its ultra-sleek aesthetic. It’s a merger of old vs. new and one that looks like it has been blended well. The turntable cover is made from a lightweight material that it makes it looks especially stylish.

The layout on the Akai Professional BT500 is relatively straightforward. There is no clutter of controls or buttons all over the place. The turntable has a simple layout, you have your 33 1/3 & 45 RPM speed dial and a start/stop button on the top of the unit in plain sight while the Bluetooth toggle, the headphone jack, and the volume slider on the lower corner of the front of unit.

These controls are hidden away well enough that they don’t pop out at you but they’re visible enough to be accessible to you if you’re looking out for them. On the back of the unit, you’ll find all your usual controls such as the power switch, the power adapter jack, the USB port, and the pre amp toggle switch. You’ll also find two gold plated RCA jacks for the left and right channels. The gold plating around the jacks makes them stand out against the dark walnut stained wood.

At the base of the unit, you have four discreet rubber feet that prevent the unit from slipping or sliding over from your table or desk. These feet also lift up the unit slightly so that it doesn’t scratch the bottom of the turntable.


The Akai Professional BT500 doesn’t disappoint with its functionality and has a tone of different features to facilitate any use you can put it to. There’s no real limit to what you can do with this turntable. Right out of the box, the Professional BT500 comes with all the necessary accessories and peripherals included.

Inside the box you’ll find a USB A to USB B cable for connecting to your PC, two RCA cables for right and left channels, a 45 RPM adapter for speed adjustment, a 12V 500mA DC power adapter to power the unit, and a ½ inch universal headshell mount with AT95E dual magnet phono cartridge with 0.4×0.7 mm elliptical diamond stylus.  You also get a spare replacement cartridge and stylus in case you lose your primary ones.

Despite its name, the Akai Professional BT500 isn’t just meant for DJ and music making professionals. In fact, the BT500 is perfectly capable of being used by casual record lovers. It works great as a standalone record player with adjustable speed slider allowing you to select anywhere from 33 1/3 & 45 RPM to spin the records at. The aux jack at the back lets you easily connect your favorite pair of headphones or speakers to the turntable. If that’s not your cup of tea, then you even have the option of going wireless. The Bluetooth feature included in the Akai Professional BT500 lets you connect the turntable wirelessly to your home theatre system, desktop speakers, or even wireless headphones.

On the back of the unit you have a USB port that lets you seamlessly connect your turntable to your computer. You can then use the turntable for recording and making music to even converting your favorite to mp3s and other digital formats. Included with the Akai Professional BT500 is a free copy of EZ Vinyl/Tape converter that helps you to convert your records and stream them.


The sound on the Akai Professional BT500 will just about service your needs. It doesn’t boast the highest fidelity sound that you can get out of more expensive turntables but it’ll work fine for standard music playback. The great thing about the turntable is that it comes with its own phono pre amp to make sure volume and quality levels stay balanced.


In terms of value, the Akai Profession BT500 really shines. The unit comes with all the necessary accessories as well as some spares like the cartridge and the stylus. For the price, it’s one of the best turntables that you will be able to find in this price range.


  • Elegant clutter free design
  • Bluetooth wireless streaming capability
  • Built in phono pre amp
  • Simple and easy to set up and play
  • Lightweight and extremely durable


  • Sound quality could be better
  • Bluetooth doesn’t work for some headphones
  • Bundled software isn’t very useful

Final Verdict

All in all, the Akai Professional BT500 is a solid contender for any industry professional or casual listener. It boats great design aesthetics, features, and above all a great value for money. Hopefully this akai  bt500 was able to will be enough to give you insight into the device’s true potential.

  • Design
  • Features
  • Sound
  • Value

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